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September 6, 2007 by sushiK
I bought Galactic Div I and loved that alot.
Can anyone give me a high level overview of the differences between I and II?

August 29, 2007 by sushiK
I have a busy life with 2 jobs 2 kids and a wife who works. Seems more I get on in age the more I fear the things I never feared before in life. Things like dieing, loosing a job, kids futures, financial stability and ect... In life there is worry but then there is fear which keeps you up at night and keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest.

I think my main fear is Life happening so fast around me right now that I am missing all the good times with my kids, parents, wife and self. ...
August 17, 2006 by sushiK
OK men get in trouble because we leave the Toilet Seat up.
We get in trouble because women for some reason are in such a rush to do their business that they do not see it is up and Plunk fall in. The man then gets scolded for leaving the seat up.

Now sometimes we do not see the seat is down and occassionally we hit the seat and have a ricochet splash that goes god knows where. Yet if we were to say to the woman 'Hey you left the seat down' there would be dead silence followed by laughter...
August 17, 2006 by sushiK
I was doing a large Dunkins or what ever Iced Coffee ever morning for the last few years.
It helped out big time for programming as it was like a jolt of speed every morning.

But I found my cycle just getting thrown to hell.
Sleep was hard to come, I was starting to get nervous for no real reason, and I was always on edge.

I decided to give up all caffeine for a week and see how things panned out.
I started on Saturday so I could have the weekend to be grumpy (and I was).
My body sna...
August 15, 2006 by sushiK
There is a new movie soon to come out with Samuel Jackson that is simply named

I am pretty sure the movie will live up to it's name and suck but I am in awe that they didn't even bother giving the movie a real name like 'Air Venom' or 'Snake-Jack'.

In the flavor of dumbing down movie titles for the masses here are a few I thought of:

Indiana Jones = Guy who steals Relics
Jaws = Shark with Big Bite
The Shawshank Redemption = Guy in prison

Anyone have any m...
August 9, 2006 by sushiK
The following is purely a 'What if' scenario but I am intersted in the thoughts of both Christians and non-believers on the following.
If the Christian Right continued to grow in strength and interest in Politics, what if they became a strong underlying force within the America Political ring? Could there ever be a birth to a new 3rd party, the Christian Right?

Would this steer America in a better direction?
Could this ever really happen?
Would you support something like this happenin...
January 31, 2006 by sushiK
Lately while listening to radio shows and talking with people here at JU it seems that Americans and their views are becoming quite split and even polarized on the way we view our government and the direction of the US.

The polarization I see happening is outside the boundaries of just Republican v Democrat.

Maybe it is guided my Parties but one camp I see is Reveling in America's new use of power and strong arm tactics. I am not sure if you would call them Federalization supporters but...
January 5, 2006 by sushiK
**** It just doesn't work ****

I was a Long time listener to the Howard Stern Show.
I drive about 1.0 - 1.5 hours in the car each morning, so a good morning show is important to eat up the time while I drive.

I enjoyed Howards show for years, not because he was perverted or foul-mouth, but because the show was different each morning, made me think sometimes, and made me laugh a lot.

I have listened to David Lee Roth for 3 days now in a row and the show is flatline ......................
November 16, 2005 by sushiK
I played WOW for about 9 months and got my warlock up to level 60 finally.
I had tons of fun XPing, doing some instances and of course getting some good weps
Some of the very best times were getting Ganked and defending TM against the nightly Alliance rush!
Dieing a million times and having a blast while interacting with people in town
Grinding the XP away to better PvP.

Around the time I reached 60, Blizz changed the direction of the game.

+ Game became more Gear oriented
+ PVP wa...
November 2, 2005 by sushiK
I just got this game and it is a blast!
Anyone else jsut get this one?

by the way my kids call this "StarHorse"
November 2, 2005 by sushiK
AM I the only one scared absolutely shitless about this Avian Flu reaching Pandemic proportions?
As the father of 2 young boys what the hell do you do if this actually hits the US as a Person to Person contagion?

I find it unimaginable if this were to hit.
What do you do when your child gets sick during this and hospitals are full to the brink?
People at work are sick and you are afraid to be ear them for picking it up and bringing it back to your kids and family.

Estimated 1.8 millio...
October 19, 2005 by sushiK
The point of this article is not Religion is wrong but just that certain people can not make the transition to a Religion.

There has been a lot of religious debate lately in JU.

I think some people are just not made for Religion; and I'll stick the to main ones Christianity and Islam.
Lately my wife has been going to church with our two sons, but she herself is originally Buddhist. I have no problem with her bringing the kids to church for the experience but found myself wondering if...
September 21, 2005 by sushiK
So just in case anyone happened to miss Opera "outrage" that she went to Hermes and they wouldn't let her in.
According to her own words she arrived at 6:45, though they closed @ 6:30, and was told they were in the process of closing the store.

For anyone who has worked in retail this is the norm. Close at 6:30, people in the store at that time can finish shopping, person at the door stops new people from coming in. Apparently Opera was insulted that SHE could not go in. Any joe-shmoe w...
September 8, 2005 by sushiK
The Hurricane / Flooding of New Orleans should be a good wake up call to the US for the near future.

IF water levels were to rise 3 feet over the next 15 years due to Global Melting most US coastal Cities would be in the same situation of needed levy systems and sea walls to protect themselves from rising water levels, let alone hurricanes.

The government, State and city of new orleans new about this potentiality years ago. It was written years ago about what a dead-on stike by a 'cane t...
September 8, 2005 by sushiK
Florida court upholds veil ban

Muslim woman sued over driver's license photo

Wednesday, September 7, 2005; Posted: 5:27 p.m. EDT (21:27 GMT)

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (AP) -- A Muslim woman who, for religious reasons, wanted to wear a veil in her driver's license photo must follow a Florida law that requires a picture of her full face, a state appeals court ruled.

The Fifth District Court of Appeal upheld a 2003 ruling by an Orlando judge that Sultaana Freeman's right to free exercise ...